Linda Goodno

Saying yes to a retreat in Costa Rica, going by myself with people I didn’t know was both scary and the best decision I’ve made in a long time. The Adventure Retreat allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, meet new friends and most importantly was the beginning of my journey to learn about myself, the way I communicate and to discover how to experience life with joy and gratitude. Julie made me feel like she was a life long friend from the very beginning. I urge anyone looking for a beautiful adventure —don’t hesitate to experience this life changing retreat!

Jane Sassenfeld

If you are on the fence, MAKE THE LEAP and sign up to go on one of Julie's retreats!!!!

I recently returned from one of her retreats to Costa Rica and now, a month later, I am still basking in the wonderful experience! Now to me, that's a sign of a real special experience!!!! What surprised me the most was that I did not return exhausted; I returned enriched and nourished, body, mind and spirit. All your senses will be engaged in pure wonder.

Julie is a seasoned world traveler and life coach who knows how to combine the best of both in a travel retreat. Her retreats are much much much richer than a good time; it is truly life enrichment and honoring.

If you have the opportunity, GO!!!!!!!


This retreat was exactly what I needed to unwind from a hectic life and make myself a priority. The excursions were exhilarating, the discussions were inspiring, and the time for introspection was much needed. Julie was super accommodating about my food sensitivities to make my experience as good as possible.

Shoma Hokanson

This week offered the unique experience of providing a setting to both relax and engage in introspective work. Julie did a great job organizing all the details of the retreat, taking the stress out of planning, and facilitating group discussions to bring out elements of creating our own authentic life.

Beth Barbosa

Luna Azul Retreats is a fantastic way to intertwine personal growth and adventure while experiencing a new country and culture.

Kristen Suckow

The Luna Azul retreat gave me the opportunity to give up control, be present and to take a look at my routines at home.

Julie Sonnek

This retreat has been a verdant green pasture for me, repose and revitalization for my body, mind, and soul. This retreat provided the opportunity for me to reconnect with my real self and connect with other retreat participants. My focus has become clearer. I've begun to schedule/plan actionable steps to improvements I'd like to make in my life. I feel confident and serene.

Alicia Coles

I was able to dedicate time to focusing on making changes in my life that are greatly needed.


My belief in being able to attain goals has dramatically increased. I have more understanding into behaviors and beliefs that were getting in the way and where those came from in my past.


I am recharged, re-energized, re-encouraged to run my business.

Michael Ruiz

By the time the trip was over, I came back not only rejuvenated, but having a different perspective on my life, motivation, and direction I wanted my life to go. If the retreat taught me anything, it’s that understanding you, who you want to be, and where you want to go in life is freedom. It’s an experience I’ll never forget, and I recommend it to anyone who not only feels lost, but also wants to improve themselves.

Celicia Thomas

Finding YOU in Costa Rica is a perfect balance of exercise, activities, and personal growth in a safe environment. One of the beauties of the experience was exploring, sharing, and realizing what holds you back from goals with like-minded people.


It’s never too early to push self-exploration. This trip taught me to question my ways and be open to new, challenging thought processes that will only benefit me in my future.

Demi Radeva

The retreat was an eye opening experience. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to get away from a mundane schedule and who is interested in finding themselves. Julie took care of all the details and made it very easy to make time for everything. From this experience I walk away with life-long friendships and experiences. I am grateful.