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February 13 - 18, 2021

Have you been feeling:

  • Like you could use a break from all that you do for others?

  • Exhausted from your daily grind?

  • Tired of the continuous coordination of transportation, sports, play-dates, activities meals and daily household chores?

  • Overwhelmed with the demands of others and like you have no time for yourself?

This a new approach to a vacation - it's geared 100% towards taking care of YOU!


It goes against everything you usually do - no planning, no scouting hotels, no supervising packing or confirming bookings.

All you have to do is show up and spend six days RELAXING on the enchanting Pacific coast of Costa Rica. 

The 3 biggest problems with vacations for moms:


1. Planning is daunting

Someone has to be responsible for figuring out where to go, places to stay, how to get there and scheduling what to do each day. Guess who gets that job? MOM! Coordinating meals, activities, transportation and lodging that will keep everyone happy is a daunting and challenging task. 

2. It’s exhausting

That planning we were just talking about? Not only is it difficult to coordinate, it's also TIME CONSUMING. You’re barely managing to get everything done as is and now your life got even harder and busier will all the researching and planning before the vacation even starts!


3. You can’t actually relax

Let’s be realistic - you can’t shut off Mom-mode when the family is there. You’re responsible for supervising and coordinating food, activities and transporting during the vacation. How can you relax in the midst of taking care of everyone else and making sure that nobody drowns?! We always have to be ON because a mom’s job never stops.


It is absolutely NECESSARY to recharge and refresh yourself! You have the most demanding and time-consuming job - being a mom. Taking time for real self-care means you bring back your BEST SELF. That's why we created a MOMcation Retreat in Costa Rica for you. 


Everything is planned for YOU. All you need to do is show up and relax on the vibrant, beautiful beaches of the Pacific and tap into the all the Pura Vida that Costa Rica has to offer.



You are a mom or a caretaker. 

Seriously. If you are one or both of those things, this trip was made just for you. You spend the majority of your time caring for someone else. It’s time to refuel! We’re going to spend 5 days focusing on self-care for YOU. 


When was the last time that someone planned a vacation for YOU? We did.

This is the trip you’ve been waiting for.



Being a successful coach for more than 10 years, I’ll let you in a life secret - the phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup” is TOTALLY real. I created this retreat because every mom I have worked with needs a trip like this to keep being the wonderful, strong, beautiful woman that they are. Every caretaker I've known has been in need of a break, but felt guilty about it.


Quite simply, this is the best vacation you can take to

recharge your batteries so you can keep on being the Ultimate MOM.

So you have the energy your need to keep showing up!


  • Feeling short on patience?

  • Can’t remember the last time you took a vacation alone?

  • Overwhelmed by the demands of others?

  • Feel like you don’t have time to work on yourself or your dreams?

  • Feeling tired all the time?

  • Looking for inspiration or a change in routine?

  • Do you just need some quiet time?

You’ll have the opportunity to:

1. RELAX & reset your mind and body.

2. Focus 100% on YOU.

3. Experience Pura Vida first hand as you explore a new town.

4. Meet and connect with other moms and caretakers!

5. Take advantage of private coaching sessions – one before, one during – with certified coach, Julie Loomis.

6. Get helpful advice from a certified health coach about how to eat clean, healthy foods on the go and how to incorporate more movement into your day.

7. Connect with Mother Nature with walks or relaxing along the picturesque beaches, or experience the water for yourself kayaking or learning how to surf.

8. Take a break from responsibility and reconnect with yourself! We built open time into the calendar so you can focus on getting more of what you need to feel recharged - whether that be lying in the sunshine, taking a walk around town, or a coaching session with Julie. 

​9. Join group coaching/discussions that will help you tackle significant questions like how to incorporate self-care time, leading by example for your children, honoring yourself, how to not lose yourself/your identity as a parent, and releasing the guilt and the need to be the "perfect" parent.


10. Leave the retreat with a new ideas on how to live better!


Sounds intriguing… but what exactly am I getting into?


The goal is to infuse some self-care, self-love and lots of fun with a dose of reflection into your days. From there, you’ll be ready to head back home feeling stronger, happier & better than ever!


You can expect the opportunity to completely relax &

regenerate, refuel and reset YOU!



Costa Rica is beautiful, clean, green, and full of wonderful food and friendly faces. The national moto or saying is Pura Vida. The simple translation is “pure life” or “simple life” but it is so much more. It's a way of life; an attitude and emotion of happiness that embodies the people of Costa Rica.


What better energy to surround yourself with

when it's time to relax & recharge!


The retreat will take place in Samara, a small community, beautifully situated along the pristine western coast of Costa Rica. Most known for the stunning beaches and picture-perfect scenery, the town also offers tons of local flavor from food to shopping. You’ll be immersed in the beautiful Costa Rican culture with gorgeous views, relaxing activities, tours, unique art stores and delicious restaurants and coffee shops.

Meals & Lodging

​We will be staying at a small hotel that is a two minute walk to the beach. Our hotel offers comfortable rooms that are simple and clean. ​Single and double rooms are available, as well as rooms for more than two if you happen to be traveling with multiple friends or family. (Note that there are a few rooms that will share a bathroom, but this is minimal and will only be with one or two people who are within our travel group.)

We will enjoy breakfast at the hotel each morning. Snacks will also be offered at the hotel in the afternoons. The location for dinners will vary, as we will mix it up with restaurants in the area. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

The food in Costa Rica tends to be very flavorful, but also very mild when it comes to spiciness. Hot sauce and the flavorful Costa Rican sauce “Salsa Lizano” are typically available on every table. Fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables are plentiful.


A typical breakfast will include Costa Rican style beans & rice called gallo pinto, eggs, pancakes and fruit.

​And when it's time to go exploring, it's all only steps away. Did you catch that the beach is only a two minute walk away?!

​Wi-fi is available.


Family vacations are fun and a day off here or there is nice…

but you don’t get a break or enough downtime to truly refuel.

This retreat experience was created to help YOU recharge.


Some of the benefits include:

  • A worry-free vacation you don’t have to plan

  • Time to shed responsibilities, relax and prioritize YOURSELF

  • Mental space to reconnect with yourself

  • Opportunity to meet and connect other parents and caretakers

  • Learn information to help you live a healthier life

  • Discover ways to bring more self-care time into your life at home

  • Feel energized and excited for each day


You’ll return home completely recharged as

your best self!

A Typical Day

A typical day will look like this:

  • Kick start each day with pilates followed by a healthy breakfast at the hotel

  • Hit the beach for some walk n’ talk time where we will dive into different topics to release stress & guilt, spark ideas to help you & support you wherever you are in your journey

  • Head out to enjoy activities, get a massage, explore the town or relax and soak up the rays on the beach

  • Take it up a notch with another round of pilates

  • Meet up for happy hour to take in the sunset

  • Regroup for an incredible dinner at the hotel or in town

  • Top off the day with some reflection on the insights and adventures of the day

It's all about YOU, baby!


  • 30-minute private coaching call prior to the retreat

  • In-country transportation between the Liberia airport (LIR) & Samara, both arriving & departing

  • Accommodations for five nights

  • Five nourishing breakfasts, including fresh fruits

  • Five beautiful dinners

  • Stunning sunsets on the Pacific ocean

  • Afternoon snacks complete with coffee and tea

  • Daily walk n’ talks on the beach

  • Space to think!

  • Beautiful beach days

  • Pool time at the hotel

  • Twice daily pilates classes

  • $60 credit towards massage services

  • Wine & treats during our  "Artful Afternoon"!

  • Membership to a private Facebook group for participants

  • Discounts on private life coaching packages*

  • Discounts on private health coaching packages*

  • Wi-fi in case you need to call or video call home to check-in
  • A special gift!

Not Included

  • Your roundtrip flight

  • The optional additional massage services, spa treatments, snorkeling, surfing, horseback or other tours that are available

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

  • Souvenir shopping, phone calls, laundry

  • The need to do anything

  • A sense of urgency to get anywhere other than the airport

  • Responsibility for other people


  • Relax with your own thoughts for a few days?

  • Spend time with with and learn from a life coach & a health coach?

  • Return home well-rested & full of energy and mental clarity?




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