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February 6 - 13, 2021

With a diverse, gorgeous landscape, Costa Rica is a traveler’s dream.


If you’re like us, you want a get-away to come with relaxation, self-care AND a side of adventure! From lush green rainforests to pristine sandy beaches, the diverse landscape of Costa Rica means endless opportunities for exploring and activities! With so many choices, planning a trip can be overwhelming. 

That’s where we come in.

Are you craving an adventure? Ready to shake things up and take a break from your everyday routine? Do you love trying new things? This trip was designed for you. There is something for everyone in Costa Rica - from the nature enthusiast to the adrenaline junkie. Our itinerary is packed with activities of varying levels - you get to pick and choose what is right for you!

All you have to do is show up and join us for eight days of ADVENTURE in the majestic mountains & on the enchanting Pacific coast of Costa Rica. 

Now you have a small group of like-minded people to go with! 

Want to travel but are overwhelmed by planning the details?

Do you worry about the language barrier?

Now there's someone else responsible for coordinating EVERYTHING.

Sit back and relax. The whole thing has been planned and booked.

Dreaming of being a “world traveler” but haven’t followed through?

Want to get out of your comfort zone?

PERFECT opportunity to stretch yourself a little... Or a lot.

No more excuses. It's time to make your dream a reality.

This is the experience you’ve been waiting for.


GRAB YOUR SPOT NOW so you can cross “TRAVEL” off your bucket list for this year. 


Enjoy a worry-free retreat experience to this beautiful destination. We take care of everything from meals to lodging, transportation and itineraries. All you need to do is get to the airport.


Focus your energy on having FUN and EXPLORING while we take care of the rest.


Everything is planned for YOU. All you need to do is show up and relax on the vibrant, beautiful beaches of the Pacific and tap into the all the Pura Vida that Costa Rica has to offer.

Do you dream of traveling, but don't have anyone to travel with?

Do you feel nervous even thinking about traveling alone?


You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and have an adventure!

See Costa Rica YOUR WAY

Discover Costa Rica - and yourself! - on our small group adventure retreat. We’ll be exploring the lush jungles and dramatic rainforests of Monteverde before heading down to the pristine sandy beaches of Samara. We have a full list of activities to choose from - remember, this is Costa Rica YOUR WAY so you choose what is right for you!


Here are a few of your adventure options:

  • Hike through cloud forests on hanging bridges for spectacular mountain views (Level: 4)

  • Creep through the rainforest and see a whole new side during the night hike (Level: 4)

  • Become enthralled with the wildlife at the hummingbird & butterfly gardens (Level: 3)

  • End your days with breathtaking sunsets (Level: relax)


For even MORE adventure…

  • Soar above lush, green rainforests on a zipline (Level: 8)

  • Take a horseback ride through the picture-perfect mountain landscape or along the beach (Level: 6)

  • Learn to surf along gorgeous sandy beaches of the Pacific (Level: 6)

  • Kayak or stand-up paddleboard your way to learn to snorkel (Level: 7)



Everything is planned and arranged for you. All you need to do is to grab your passport and get to the airport.

Your adventure awaits!

It’s not JUST a vacation...

Vacations are all about taking a break from your routine and resetting and refueling your energy. In addition to being an avid Costa Rican traveler, Julie Loomis - your retreat leader - is also an accomplished life coach.


When you’re not out on an adventure or simply relaxing at the hotel, you will also have the opportunity to participate in guided group discussions that will help you make the most out of your retreat experience and reignite your zest for life upon returning home!


Explore topics such as: how to incorporate self-care time, finding/speaking your truth, honoring yourself, identifying your comfort zone & finding ways to step out of it, the downside to staying within your comfort zone for too long, setting stretch goals & mapping out the path to making them come true. 


The goal is to infuse some self-care, self-love and lots of FUN into your days. From there, you’ll be ready to head back home feeling stronger, happier and better than ever!


These group coaching discussions, along with one private coaching session before and one during the retreat, are included - but by no means required.


You can expect the opportunity to completely relax &

regenerate, refuel and reset YOU!



Costa Rica is a beautiful country full of wonderful food, friendly faces and diverse landscapes. The national moto or saying is Pura Vida, which translates to “pure life” or “simple life.” This is a way of life, an attitude and emotion of happiness that embodies the people of Costa Rica. On this adventure, you’ll experience your pura vida exploring two highlights of the country: the famous cloud forests in Monteverde and the coveted beaches.


What better place to

step out of your comfort zone and into adventure!


The retreat will start in Monteverde (green mountain), a small community, beautifully situated in the majestic mountains of Costa Rica. Most known for the internationally recognized cloud forests in the nearby national park, the town also offers tons of local flavor from food to locally made goods. You’ll stay active and immersed in adventure activities and tours amid spectacularly mountain views.


On Day 4, we’ll change up the scenery and move to Samara, a town known for stunning beaches and picture-perfect scenery, along the western coast. You’ll be immersed in the rich Costa Rican culture with gorgeous views, beach and water activities, tours, unique art stores and delicious restaurants and coffee shops.

Meals & Lodging

During our stay in Monteverde, our home will be a small hotel that is about a five minute walk from the town center. We will enjoy a panoramic view of the stunning sunsets right from the balcony.


​In Samara, we will be staying at a small hotel that is a two minute walk to the beach, as well as the restaurants and shops.​ 


Both hotels offer comfortable, simple, clean rooms with large, private bathrooms and hot showers. Single and double rooms are available, as well as rooms for more than two if you are traveling with multiple friends or family.​ (However, note that there are a few rooms in Samara that will share a bathroom. This is minimal and will only be with one or two people who are within our travel group.)

We will enjoy breakfast at the hotels each morning. Snacks will also be offered at the hotel in the afternoons. The location for dinners will vary, as we will mix it up with restaurants in the area. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

The food in Costa Rica tends to be very flavorful, but also very mild when it comes to spiciness. Hot sauce and the flavorful Costa Rican sauce “Salsa Lizano” are typically available on every table. Fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables are plentiful.


A typical breakfast will include Costa Rican style beans & rice called “gallo pinto”, eggs, pancakes and fruit.

​Wi-fi is available.


This retreat experience was created to help you get out of your comfort zone by taking care of details for you. Some of the benefits include:

  • A worry-free get-away that's completely to planned for you.

  • FLEXIBLE adventure vacation! Keep your days as active or relaxed as you wish.

  • You get guaranteed & reliable transportation, hotels and tours.

  • Travel with a small group so you don’t have to stress about navigating solo!

  • Save money & time by booking as part of a group!

  • Experience some of the best of Costa Rica with a tour that incorporates the famous Monteverde mountains and beaches.

  • Reconnect with yourself and discover ways to live your happiest life!

  • The deep satisfaction knowing that you stopped dreaming about it and you actually made it happen!


You’ll return home completely energized &

empowered to be your best self!

A Typical Day

A typical day will look like this:

  • Kick start each day with a healthy breakfast at the hotel.

  • Enjoy a little group discussion time where we will dive into all sorts of amazing topics about living your best life!

  • Head out for an adventure!

  • Explore the town, shop, pool time (in Samara), nap, get a massage or choose an afternoon adventure.

  • Take advantage of the option to take a yoga class.

  • Meet up for happy hour to take in the sunset.

  • Regroup for an incredible dinner at the hotel or in town.

  • Top off the day with some reflection on the insights and adventures of the day,

Of course, there will be plenty of space in the day to rest and relax. You get to decide your level of activity each day.

It's all about YOU, baby!


  • 30-minute private coaching call prior to the retreat

  • In-country transportation from the Liberia airport (LIR) to Monteverde, from Monteverde to Samara, and from Samara to the Liberia airport

  • Accommodations for 7 nights

  • 7 nourishing breakfasts, including fresh fruits

  • 7 incredible dinners

  • Daily group discussion sessions + lots of juicy retreat conversations all week!

  • Stunning sunsets from the mountains and at the beach

  • Entrance into the Cloud Forest Reserve

  • Garden to Glass Cocktail making class

  • Breathtaking mountain views

  • Beautiful beach days

  • Pool time at the hotel

  • Wi-fi

  • A discount on private life coaching packages*

  • A special gift!

Not Included

  • Your roundtrip flight

  • The optional massage, spa treatments, zipline, snorkeling, surfing, horseback or other tours that are available

  • Souvenir shopping, phone calls, laundry

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

  • The need to do anything

  • A sense of urgency to get anywhere other than the airport

  • Responsibility for other people


  • Finally use your passport?

  • Spend time with with & learn from a life coach?

  • Return home energized with a reinvigorated sense of being?




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